Functional. Applied. Fitness.

Functional Training

is presently at the forefront of exercise and fitness, and our trainers have been applying this style for years.

Can you pick up a 20-lb bag of dog food at the grocery store?
Are you able to put your own luggage in the overhead compartment of an airplane?

Through the use of YOUR own body weight, we can improve PRACTICAL function, thus enhancing every-day living!

The Space provides a low volume, clean and modern area to workout with your favorite trainer or on your own with affordable monthly gym memberships. Annie runs a tight ship and I fully trust her expertise in managing my entire family’s fitness.

Come see for yourself! It’s a family. A hard working family. A group of people accomplishing goals and supporting one another. Not pretentious and extremely fun!

Our Classes

Ropes Gone Wild!

with Mart Brewer

Circuit Crazy

with Mart Brewer

Tai Chi for Seniors

with Brian Seeley

Our Coaches

Lisa Faser


American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

Mart Brewer



Myles Mayfield


International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), BS, CPT, CPR/AED

One-on-one and small group training session prices vary slightly based on instructor. Call us to be matched with just the right person for you?

Annie Padrid's SPACE

is hands down the most gorgeous gym in Hyde Park, perhaps the city.

But it’s Annie who is the real gem, such a fun, motivating and educated trainer, the time flies when she’s whipping you into shape 😉 she knows how to work w your body type, age & abilities so it’s not one size fits all. Her equipment and techniques are state of the ar